Knowledge, Control & Freedom

Rise Health Media was founded to cut through the false information being spread by the ones we trust with our health. Medical professionals. Pharmaceutical companies. Government officials. News outlets. Whoever has something to gain from keeping us broken, unhealthy and dependant to pharmaceutical drugs.
Frank West, Founder

Who We Are

Rise Health Media is a publishing company founded by Frank West, an award winning health researcher based in Texas. 

Left with no options, no support and no hope... Frank took it upon himself to find a solution to his health problems. And after years of hardwork and persistence, in 2016, Rise Health Media was born. 

Frank's gift to anyone who is sick of false information, dangerous drugs and the overall dreadful state of the American healthcare system.

Since then, Frank has worked with many different healthcare professionals that share his vision. A vision of a world where your quality of life is not related to your past lifestyle mistakes, how much health insurance you can afford or how many pills you take.

Rise Health Media is committed to lifting the veil on our healthcare system, reporting on tried and tested natural remedies and developing innovative health solutions using breakthrough research.
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